Off To Seek My Great Perhaps
(hey there, beautiful)

"No matter how close to death you are, always remember - you are still alive."

Talia, fifteen, living in the good old UK. I mostly consist of books, stories, music and my varying obsessions (also anime. Lots. Of. Anime.)
Paramore and All Time Low have taken over too much of my life and playlists. Dedicated Parawhovian, multi-fandom gal - Dan, Phil, Homura and too many others have a place in my heart.

Enjoy your stay.

(also, none of the images/GIFs posted here are my own, unless I say so! Therefore, if one of you guys see yours and you want credit, all you have to do is ask for it, and I'll put it on there.)

Benedict’s”oh my god I found a thing it is literally the best thing do you want to see the thing come on let’s see it together" face

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